Thursday, July 25

Atmospheric and Space physics

Division of Atmospheric and Space Physics (DASP)

This division concentrates on thestudy of dynamical, thermal, radiation, electro- and magneto dynamical processes that determine the structure, composition and energy and momentum budget of the atmosphere. In the lower atmosphere, the study focuses on air pollution, atmospheric visibility, wind motion, lighting activities, aerosol and ozone variability.  In addition, this division also deals with ranging in fields from solar influences, to Earth’s space weather, dynamics of ionosphere and magnetosphere, space plasma and dusty plasma physics.

Chair: Prof. Dr. Narayan P. Chapagain (


            Prof. Dr. Khem Narayan  Poudyal

            Prof. Dr. Binod Kumar Bhattrai

            Prof. Dr. Ram Prasad Regmi

Prof. Dr. Bed Raj KC

            Dr. Shreeram Sharma

            Dr. Binod Adhikari

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