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School of Computing

The Division of School of Computing (DSC) emphases to develop the practical skills in computation and problem solving across all areas of physics computing that brings from Physics Textbook to Scientific Computing in the Cloud.  

Major goals:

  • Conducting long term and short-term School of Computing in diverse computing topics from Physics and beyond to deliver classroom-oriented project design for undergraduate and graduate level Physics syllabus (e.g., Numerical Methods, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Physics, Quantum Physics, Electrodynamics and Condensed Matter Physics etc).
  • Conducting occasional coding hackathon together with collaboration of other educational institutions and interested parties in innovative topics (e.g., Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, AI).
  • To encourage independent researchers to design computational model on experimental data and big-data scenario (e.g., transport, healthcare, social media, environment) through advanced computing project design, computing architecture and methodologies.
  • To encourage graduate and undergraduate students to participate in the intern projects and research projects in scientific computing in collaboration with other organization (e.g., ANPA, NAST).
  • To encourage and help responsible body in the development and implementation of computation-oriented course chapters in high school level (grade 9-12) syllabus.

Chair: Dr. Dibakar Sigdel (email:


Mr. Prakash Man Shrestha

Mrs. Usha Joshi

Mr. Karan Giri

Mr. Devendra Raj Upadhyay

Mr. Madhu Sudan Paudel

Mr. Yogesh Maharjan

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