Nepal Physical Society (NPS) has formed its sister organization Nepal Physics Olympiad (NePhO) committee and entrusted it with organizing a national level Physics Olympiad for secondary level (+2) science students. The committee prepares a team for the participation in International/Asian Physics Olympiad (IPhO/APhO) events to be held every year. The top five students selected from NePhO are eligible to participate in IPhO/APhO.

The NePhO participants should be below 20 years of age and should not be enrolled in any Bachelors level program. The competition is designed to test the understanding of physical principles and to apply them in practical situations. The best pre-selected students will be given tutorials and training before the final selection of the participants for IPhO/APhO events. The best five students from the final selection will be given an intensive tutorial and training for the participation in IPhO/APhO events.