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Nepal Physical Society (NPS) is a professional non-profit organization of the Nepalese physicists established in 1983 (2039 B.S.) with the mission of advancing and diffusing knowledge of physics throughout the country. Its members are Physicists, Professors, Lecturers, Teachers and Students of Physics from Nepal and abroad as well. Executive body of the Society is formed by general convention in every two years and annual meetings of the Society is held to promote members’ education and research activities. The Society has also established newsworthy chapters in accordance with geographical regions to accumulate information about current physics education and ongoing research activities throughout the country. Since its conception, the Society has been conducting various activities including seminars, symposiums, workshops and lecture programs regularly in order to promote physics education and research activities in the country.

The NPS is a member of Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) and it has a reciprocal relationship with the American Physical Society (APS) since 1995. Recently, the NPS has also memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Association of Nepali Physicists in America (ANPA) to create a framework for collaboration and cooperation between the two organizations via mutual sharing of scientific and technological ideas and expertise to better serve Nepali scientific diaspora.


The society organizes different scientific and educational activities related to physical sciences in Nepal. These activities include classes, lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops and talk program on recent trends in physics and research activities in global context. The society publishes NPS Newsletters and a peer review journal, Journal of Nepal Physical Society (JNPS), on a regular basis.

Mission Statement

• To strive towards enhancing the quality of physics teaching and research in physics.
• To encourage and assist activities in physics directed towards the application of physics concepts and methods in all related fields.
• To disseminate the knowledge and applications of physics among its members.
• To endeavor towards strengthening career prospects in physics by establishing various awards.
• To establish relations with other international physics societies for the development of physics research as well as physics education in Nepal.

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