In order to attain its aims and objectives within its various chapters and committees such as Nepal Physics Olympiad (NePhO), Journal of Nepal Physical Society (JNPS) Publication Committee, Media Committee, the Society has been undertaking the following activities.

  • Holding conferences for the presentation of learned papers and professional discussions in Physics. Organizing seminars, symposiums and workshops on topics of current interest in Theoretical and Experimental Physics.
  • Arranging colloquiums, exhibitions and lecture programs for the dissemination of physical concepts and understanding of physics.
  • Assisting in the development and refinement of physics curriculum and in the improvement of the teaching-learning situation in physics.
  • Activating interest and understanding among physicists in interdisciplinary areas and encouraging their participations.
  • Activating and enlarging contacts with national and international agencies for the growth of physicists in Nepal.
  • Encouraging young Nepalese students to participate in the international Physics Olympiad (IPhO).
  • Provide¬†awards for recognition of achievements in physics and for significant contributions towards the promotion of physics.
  • Publication of the Journal of Nepal Physical Society - JNPS to promote physics research carried by Physicists in Nepal and abroad