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Post-Doctorate Opportunity in Space and Atmospheric Sciences

Dear colleagues,

We invite applications for a full-time postdoc position to work on a Japan-Germany joint project about “Wave coupling processes of the middle and upper atmosphere: Interannual and long-term variability”. This research project is jointly funded by Japan JSPS and German DFG science foundations in the framework of JSPS-DFG cooperation program. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to closely work with partner institutes in both countries.

1. Field of research: Middle Atmosphere Physics or Theremosphere-Ionosphere Physics

2. Job responsibilities:
– To examine the long-term variability in tides and gravity waves using a combination of LEO satellites and long-term ground meteor radar network and multi-year whole atmosphere model (GAIA) simulations.
– To investigate the physical mechanisms pertaining to wave coupling at interannual and long-term scales by using whole atmosphere model simulations.

3. Requirements
– Doctor degree in Atmosphere Physics or Space Physics
– Expertise in study of MLT region dynamics and its coupling to the upper atmosphere
– Experiences and skills in analyzing big datasets of satellite and ground-based radar observations

4. Contract period:
April, 1, 2020 – Mar. 31 2021, but can be extended to Feb 28, 2022 based on performance evaluation.

5. Salary:
Will be determined according to Kyushu University’s regulations based on experiences.

6. Application materials required:
a. CV (free format but with photo and birthday)
b. A list of publications
c. 3 major publications in PDF format
d. 2 Recommendation letters

7. Application deadline: Feb. 15, 2020

8. Where to send:
Please email your questions and application to Huixin Liu: liu.huixin.295 at Please keep the application file below 5 MB.

Best regards,
Huixin Liu
Dr. Huixin Liu
Associate professor
Editor Space Weather, AGU

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